Know How Your Genes Affect Your Performance

myGenoFit™ is a genetic test for athletes at any performance level. Your personalized report will shed light on your athletic ability and provide actionable steps and recommendations to maximize your performance. A simple saliva test is all that's required.*

What’s Measured

The myGenoFit report highlights three distinct areas associated with athletic performance including your genetic predisposition to being either a power or endurance athlete, trainability, and injury risk. These genetic evaluations are paired with lifestyle-based interventions to help you improve at your sport of choice.

You share 99.9% of your genetic code with other human beings. The 0.1% that is unique to you involves changes to specific nucleotide bases resulting in changes to specific genes, and in some cases, changes in risk for certain diseases. These different nucleotide arrangements are known as single nucleotide polymorphisms (“SNPs”).

Your unique genetic makeup is known as your “genotype.” The myGenoFit test evaluates SNPs associated with athletic performance, trainability, and risk of injury.

DNA is extracted from your saliva sample and processed on the Agena Bioscience® mass spectrometry-based testing platform.

DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the molecule within your cells that gives instructions to build the proteins needed for all of your body’s functions. DNA is bundled into a total of 23 chromosome pairs. Housed within these 46 individual chromosomes are an estimated 20,000 to 25,000 genes.

An extensive review of the latest scientific literature was used to determine which genes to include in myGenoFit. Studies in the literature were assessed for their quality and then ranked according to a "level of evidence". These levels of evidence - Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Preliminary - take into account the number of participants in the study along with other factors.

Your report also includes information about your sport of choice, personal demographics (age, gender at birth, weight, etc.) along with training and lifestyle factors to identify how your personal genetic characteristics may contribute to your overall athletic performance and fitness level. As your personal data changes or your sport changes, so too will your report information and recommendations.


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How it Works 


Your test kit is shipped directly to your home. Your kit will arrive in about 3-4 days, depending on your location.


Once you receive your kit, follow the instructions to create your account and register your kit online.


Follow the instructions included in your kit to collect your sample and return it in the prepaid envelope.


Your sample is received and processed at the lab and your genetic material is evaluated.


Your results will be delivered online in 7-10 days to your secure portal.

Why myGenoFit?

Discover injury prevention strategies to mitigate the increased genetic risk of injury.

Learn about how your genetic predisposition may affect your sport of choice.

Receive real-world recommendations to improve your performance.

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  • Instructions to collect your sample
  • Collection tube
  • Biohazard bag
  • Return shipping materials
  • A special gift

Discover your full potential with myGenoFit

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