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Helping You Live a Healthier Life

The power is in your hands to live a longer, healthier, and happier life. Our genetic and wellness products provide actionable information to allow individuals to find balance and purpose.

About ADx Health™

ADx Health was established in 2016 offering genetic testing and early-intervention support for Alzheimer’s disease. Our company mission became “Know your risk, reduce your risk”, believing that with knowledge comes the power to live a better life. Our goal is to develop and offer genetics and wellness products that provide actionable information to allow individuals to find balance, purpose, and thrive.

ADx Health is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Northwest Laboratory (NWL), a full-service CLIA-certified and CAP-accredited laboratory located in Bellingham, WA.

Northwest Laboratory
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About Our Testing

All testing is performed at Northwest Laboratory, a full-service, CLIA-certified, and
CAP-accredited laboratory located in Bellingham, WA.

Scientific Advisory Board

Ryan R Fortna, MD, PhD

Dr. Fortna oversees the Molecular Pathology department at Northwest Pathology, ADx Health’s parent company. Dr. Fortna studied at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, where he earned his medical degree and completed his residency. He is board-certified in anatomic pathology and dermatopathology, and he has a Ph.D. in Cell and Molecular Biology. Dr. Fortna has lectured on molecular pathology techniques throughout the United States and Canada, and he has implemented and overseen large-scale COVID-19 PCR testing at Northwest Laboratory, the clinical laboratory division of Northwest Pathology. His special interests include molecular pathology, dermatopathology, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Allison McKeany, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian

Allison McKeany, MS, RD is the Scientific Projects Director with ADx Health where she works with subject matter experts to develop genetic and health testing and interventional programs. Allison has been a Registered Dietitian since 2010 and has experience in both outpatient and clinical nutrition. Since 2017 Allison has focused on the study of nutrition as it relates to cognitive health and the development of ADx Health’s GenoRisk test, for which she is contributing author for an upcoming manuscript publication: GenoRisk: A Polygenic Risk Score for Alzheimer’s disease. Allison enjoys developing educational programs that provide realistic and sustainable recommendations for health improvement.

Dr. Jennifer Stagg

Dr. Jennifer Stagg is the founder and medical director of Whole Health Wellness Center in Connecticut. She is also the author of Unzip Your Genes and is routinely featured as an expert guest in the media on the topic of nutrigenomics and integrative medicine. Dr. Stagg’s areas of clinical expertise include weight loss resistance and nutrition, digestive health, metabolic and endocrine disorders, and nutrigenomics. She has always been passionate about science and health and started out as a doctoral student in Biochemistry at the University of Iowa. Dr. Stagg is the former director of the USDA – Agricultural Research Service Medicinal Botanical Program at Mountain State University. A sought after speaker, Dr. Stagg has been frequently interviewed, having appeared on all the major networks, and also serves as a medical educator and industry advisor.

Eric Hegedus, PT

Eric Hegedus, PhD is a physical therapist and is currently the Founding Program Director for Tufts University Doctor of Physical Therapy in Phoenix, AZ. Dr. Hegedus has had a notable 30-year career as a leader and innovator in physical therapist education, research, and clinical practice. Dr. Hegedus has won several awards and honors as a teacher and has published over 80 peer-reviewed journal articles, 20 abstracts, and 7 book chapters that focus on how diagnosis and treatment translate to clinical practice. Dr. Hegedus’ PhD focused on injury prediction in athletes.

Fritz Gartner, CEO

Fritz Gartner is CEO of ADx Health, leading the development of a number of direct-to-consumer and direct-to-provider genetics and health testing products. Prior to joining ADx Health, Fritz was the Founder and President of a genetics company offering DNA testing for athletes and previously built and led a full-service hematopathology and genetics laboratory in Houston, TX. Fritz earned degrees in Management and Music from Rice University and built a 20+ year career in the chemicals industry where he focused on strategy, execution, and international business.