A Genetic Test for Athletes

myGenoFit™ Test*

myGenoFit is a genetic test for athletes at any performance level. Your personalized report will shed light on your athletic ability and provide actionable steps and recommendations to maximize your performance. A simple saliva sample is all that's required.

*Not available to New York residents.

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What’s Measured

The myGenoFit report highlights three distinct areas associated with athletic performance including your genetic predisposition to being either a power or endurance athlete, trainability, and injury risk. These genetic evaluations are paired with lifestyle-based interventions to help you improve at your sport of choice.


Your Kit Includes


Collection instruction manual


Saliva collection tube


Small funnel


Biohazard bag


Return shipping materials


Your Kit Includes

Collection instruction manual

Saliva collection tube

Small funnel

Biohazard bag

Return shipping materials

How it Works


Register your kit in our online portal.


Collect and ship your sample to our lab.


Receive results in the palm of your hand.

How This Benefits You

Learn about how your genetic predisposition may affect your sport of choice.

Discover injury prevention strategies to mitigate the increased genetic risk of injury.

Receive real-world recommendations to improve your performance.

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